6 Steps To Master The Art of a Social Media Quote

Helpful Tips to Creating a Mindful yet Marketable Quote

The art of mastering the perfect quote, is not just in the design.  It’s more about the mastering of compassionate mindfulness in your presentation, and delivering a transparent message to your tribe, community or customers. 

Many of us lean towards creating social media posts that align with our brand, spiritual path or audience.  Creating engaging quotes appeals to all of us, that is why it is essential to master the steps needed to design the perfect quote for your social media campaign, or for your community and tribe.

My quotes follow my social media mission, and that is a purposeful cause marketing campaign. All my engagement focuses on mindful business solutions and compassionate mindfulness. That’s my gig, all of you will create epic quotes that resonate with your brand, mission and/or desires.

–T. Raven 

So with that said, let me show you the steps needed to master that quote with easy to use programs, as well as my favorite digital tools.

#1 Create an editorial calendar

I feel it’s important in social media marketing to create a social media calendar. I also feel that it holds me accountable, and creates a mind map for my weekly or monthly marketing goals.  So for every day of the week I have a social media theme. For instance, Mindful Monday’s in which I post quotes and motivational pieces every Monday to my social media platforms, a theme that resonates with my audience. For my brand Scrub Ninjas® I use Med Ed Monday, in which I post quotes and content relating to pre-med and nursing students. These calendars can simply be created in Microsoft Word or Excel. Get creative and get organized, it matters. And I use Post Planner to schedule my posts for Facebook and Twitter. 

Example Below: Mindful Monday Quote/Post #mindfulmonday for my personal brand and signature course ‘Awaken the Muse Within.” 

Mindful Monday Quote

#2 Create a Hashtag Marketing Campaign

Yes, we are the Hashtag nation, which is important for your visibility online. Creating a hashtag marketing campaign for your business is vital especially for telling your digital story and building your raging fans and online community.

For instance, for my brand Digital Nomads Edu. I use the hashtags of:

#awakenthedigitalmind #digitalnomadsedu #gameon #mindfulbusiness #digitalnomads #digitalhipsters #freedomlifestyle 

These hashtags represent my tagline ‘Awaken The Digital Mind’ in my business, as well as my niche’ industry.  Which is instructional game design, and mindful business solutions.

Visit Top Hashtags www.top-hashtags.com and see what’s trending in your industry, and make the most of it!

Hashtags are powerful conversion tools for promotions, contests and awareness. So start strategizing on how you can reach your people, and build a hashtag campaign around your story. Make it unique, and make it a success!

Hashtag Quote

#3 Find The Epic Quote or Use Your Own!

My go to website is Brainy Quotes http://www.brainyquote.com/. From this site you can also ‘SHARE’ the quote directly to Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. If you like a particular writer, or motivational leader, you simply type their name into the search bar and an array of famous quotes will appear. I feel it’s good to mix and match with your own branding and marketing as well as using your own personal words of wisdom. So share your word, and inspire others with your heart.

Brainy quote example T Raven Meyers

#4 SELECT the Perfect Image

We are visually stimulated creatures, which is why Instagram has such a successful following. There is a sacred intimacy within an image whether it is a picture of the Andaman Sea in Thailand, or an incredible shot from the street vendors of Nepal. Pictures invite emotion, so aligning that image with a quote is very important.  Please, Please, Please be mindful of copyright infringement! Use free stock image sites, your own personal images or images you have purchased. The fines are very heavy, and up to 10,000 USD. So don’t copy and use images from Google Images and do the extra work to find visuals that serve you and your company in a safe, and legit way.

Here are some sites I love, that offer ‘FREE’ stock images. FREE is best, it can be expensive purchasing images and keeping up with your social media marketing, so these sites below will help!

Please make sure to donate to the artists, photographers and give them a shout out!

Meaning, hashtag or use their social media handle. Ex: Love Your Work @jaymantri  or #jaymantri

Free Images www.freeimages.com

Get Refe http://getrefe.tumblr.com

Gratisography http://www.gratisography.com

IM Creator www.imcreator.com

Jay Mantri http://jaymantri.com

Little Visuals http://littlevisuals.co

Morgue File http://www.morguefile.com

New Old Stock http://nos.twnsnd.co

Picjumbo www.picjumbo.com

Picography http://picography.co/

Pixabay www.pixabay.com

Public Domain Archive http://publicdomainarchive.com

Superfamous www.images.superfamous.com

Unsplash www.unsplash.com

#5 Designing: Graphic Design for Epic Quotes

As you can see, my examples are branded with my logo and a design theme. I use CANVA, my go-to graphic design tool. CANVA is available as a desktop program, as well as an iPad app! Yes, a wicked graphic design program for all of you digital hipsters on the go!

MCAT Quote4

STEP BY STEP in Designing Your Quote

Step 1


From the CANVA home page, select the size of template you want. The simplicity is evident. You can choose pre-made templates for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. If you choose to create your own template, then insert the dimensions above. I am using the standard ‘Social Media’ template 800 x 800 px. 

Art of a Quote 1

Step 2


After you have chosen a template from the home page, the next page opens to an array of themes and templates, choose one that fits your design needs. Remember you have already chosen an image and a quote, so keep that in mind.  Otherwise you can use the images/graphics from CANVA itself for your quote needs. Canva offers a ton of royalty free images, FREE and Paid. The paid images are only $1.00!

Art of Quote 2

Art of Quote 3

Step 3


Now it’s time to upload your image, the image or images you have selected from the “FREE STOCK” sites, or your own personal images. You can also choose from the large variety of stock images within the Canva ‘Elements’ section on the left side panel. Please remember to “SAVE” your project, and give it a file name.

Art of Quote 4

Art of Quote 5

Delete current background image by clicking on the image, when the image is selected, delete it.  And then drag your chosen image to the template. CANVA is a great click and drag program, easy!

Step 4


Now you need to size your image to fit your background. Use the corner points to re-size and position as needed. You don’t need to hold the shift key (PC) to size your image, CANVA will re-size and keep the proportions as you direct it. You can also add filters, flip your image and set transparency. 

Art of Quote 6A

Step 5


At this point you need to have the quote, or quotes you want available to you. Either you have copy and pasted them to a word document, or you can simply copy and paste from the sites itself. In CANVA choose the TEXT in the left side panel, then click on the TEXT field on your chosen template. From here you will delete the current selected text from example template, and paste in your chosen QUOTE.

If you choose to use some of the amazing word art and typography please do! You will edit the text the same way. CANVA gives you so many creative avenues! So play with it all, the fonts, sizes, colors and filters.

Once you choose your path for text. You can edit the text by simply clicking on the text you want to modify, especially if you are using the pre-made text layouts. Just click on the text and change it to whatever words and phrases you want, then edit accordingly to size, color, and font.

In the text editing tool above, you can see that the drop arrow on the far right gives you many options. From this panel you can set characters, alignment, and transparency. As well as bring the text in front of, or behind a layer. You can also create hyperlinks, so play around with these options and get familiar with the art board.

Add your personal touch, upload all of your logos, branding and images needed for your marketing and promotional needs. CANVA will archive your images so you can pull from them at any time. With the business membership you will be able to create individual folders like I have there above. So add all of branding/promotional art, hashtags and final pieces before you save and download.

*NOTE: If you want to play around with contrast. Use the SHAPES category, under Search or Text, and place shapes in the middle of your image, use the transparency for lighter or darker shapes, and then place your text over the top. This way you can still see your background image, and your text will be dominant. 

Time to SAVE & DOWNLOAD.  You can also share directly from CANVA, to Facebook, Twitter and your email.  Choose what resolution you would like to save your image in, for print or for web. Then save directly to your iPad or computer.  If you choose that ‘Options’ down button, you will have the opportunity to download an image with a transparent background (PNG) or publishing with crop marks and bleeds for print.

Art of Quote 7

Art of Quote 8

#6 Upload Your Quote to Social Media Platforms

Yes, you did it! Now you are going to upload your image to all of your social media platforms. I use Post Planner, a Facebook App to post my images to Facebook and Twitter at the same time, and they also have plenty of trending quotes you can re-post on your profiles, so check it out.

When I post my quotes I always post the quote in text form alongside the image, you want to get as much exposure as you can. Use your hashtags and maximize on your abilities to become viral. 

Final Uploading Steps:

  1. Upload Your Image to Social Platforms
  2. Add the text from your quote
  3. Add your appropriate hashtags (more so for Instagram/Twitter/Google+)

BONUS TIP: For a Quickie!

For quickie posts and quotes I use a few mobile apps on the go. This keeps you current, and trending without taking up too much time. I use these when I’m traveling or bogged down with projects. Very rare, because I take pleasure in designing my own themes. However, as a busy mompreneur with little ninjas, these graphic apps keep me in line! So enjoy!

Art of Quote 9






With love and gratitude, Soul 2 Soul.
T. Raven