Oh Baby, It’s Cold Outside. Holistic Tips for Nosebleeds

Holistic Tips for Nosebleeds (Natural Parenting)

Baby its cold outside; tips for avoiding & treating nose bleeds

How to stop a nosebleedYes,
it’s that time of year, dry and bone chilling cold. The time of year when the warm fires are blazing indoors, and our heating systems are cranked up. The combination of weather and the use of indoor heating can create extremely dry environments for our bodies, especially our nasal passages causing the infamous Nosebleed (EPISTAXIS). My eldest son suffers from nosebleeds in the summer and winter seasons,  so here are a few tips of how to avoid and treat nose bleeds during the driest seasons of the year. I know for parents it can seem a bit frightening, but nosebleeds are usually harmless, and can be treated with ease. Below are a few tips to prepare you for the dry seasons as well as how to treat a nosebleed for yourself and others. So with that said, let’s get started!


Symptoms: Bleeding occurs usually from only one of the nostrils, not both. Sometimes if the bleeding is severe, the blood can overflow to the other nostril within the nasopharynx (the area inside the nose where the nostrils merge). Nausea may happen due to the swallowing of blood dripping down the back of the throat into the stomach which will cause them to spit or vomit blood. Please remain calm, and follow the steps below.

Steps To Take With A Nosebleed

  1. Calm yourself and your child or loved one, re-assure and give support. If you get weak or faint around blood, find someone who can assist you.
  2. Sit up straight, and lean your head or your loved one’s head forward, not backwards due to swallowing excess blood.
  3. Pinch nostrils together with tissue, for 10 minutes or until bleeding has stopped.
  4. Re-assure your child, loved one, or self with loving affirmations, and support. Be present.

*When to seek medical advice, or call a doctor: Please use your instincts, it’s never the wrong idea to call a medical professional, especially when children are involved.

  1. If bleeding continues
  2. If you feel dizzy or light headed
  3. Have trouble breathing or have a rapid heart beat
  4. Coughing up or vomiting blood

Holistic Home Treatment

*Holistic Tip: I use a lot of essential oils, and I have a blend I use with lavender, lemon and cypress.


Lavender is a relaxant and helps nausea, citric lemon is a haemostatic and anti-inflammatory, and cypress is a natural blood clotter.

Remedy: Nosebleed

2 drops of Lavender Oil (organic)
2 drops of Lemon Oil (organic)
2 drops of Cypress Oil (organic)
1 cup of water
Paper towel or Menstrual Pad (it works awesome!) small ones for light flow 😉

Mix the oil and water together and soak the towel or menstrual pad into the solution. Hold over the nose, slightly pinched until bleeding stops. The essential oils speed up the clotting, so it should stop within a few minutes!

*I use a menstrual pad, I’m a midwife and use menstrual pads for holding water/oil blends. Try it! And they are made to absorb blood.

What is a nosebleed? And why do we get them?

How to stop a nosebleedNosebleeds are fairly common and happen more often in children ages 2 to 10, and adults ages 50 to 80.  Unfortunately, they become more troublesome during the driest and coolest times of the year, due to the cold/hot temperatures that create a dryness in the air.

Why do we get nosebleeds? Good question. Nearly 60 million people get nosebleeds each year, it’s very common and usually a temporary fix. We get nosebleeds for several reasons:

  • Temperature: Dry/Hot/Cold weather can affect the nasal passages making them dry, which can crack and irritate the anterior part of the nose, causing it to bleed.
  • Underlying health conditions
  • Use of anticoagulant (blood-thinning) medications, or aspirin and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS)

Nosebleeds are caused by irritation. The lining of the nose carries high concentrations of blood vessels that rupture due to the changes in the weather, injury, medication, allergies, and my favorite.. the ‘picking of the nose’.

There are two types of nosebleeds:

Anterior Nosebleed: this is the most common type of nosebleed, where the bleeding comes from the blood vessels at the front part of your nose.  More common in children and young adults.

Posterior Nosebleed: are less common and occur in elderly adults vs. children. Posterior nosebleeds causes bleeding from an artery in the back part of the nose.  These are more complicated and usually require a doctor to manage the bleed.

How to avoid nosebleeds:

Humidifier This is a tricky one, for our household I keep a humidifier on with essential oils. During the cold and flu season I use ‘Thieves’ essential oil to battle the bugs and viruses that linger on our children and in our home. A humidifier produces a gentle steam bringing moisture back into our home and bodies. My favorite humidifier is by REMEDIES, it’s a cool mist ultra-sonic humidifier with a ‘no noise’ function and aroma mister.

*If you have a wood stove, or regular stove top, keep a pot of water or kettle on low. This is something you need to monitor, by keeping the water full so to hydrate your home. (Add essential oils as needed)

I also use Earth’s Best Non-Petroleum Jelly (hypo-allergenic), and use a q-tip to gently coat the inside of my son’s nostrils.  Although he’s nearly ten, I still practice these rituals and they make a huge difference. When the humidifier is on, essential oils blending into the air and his nose is lubricated, he doesn’t get nosebleeds at all!

You can also use saline solutions to create moisture. Test both and see what works for you and your children. From my experience, the saline causes a bit of fear and hesitation. I find the jelly to be a more gentle way to go with younger children, so do whats best for you and yours.

If your child is a ‘nose picker’, you could put soft socks over their hands as they sleep. What ever you can use as a gentle barrier to keep them from injuring the inside membranes of their little noses.

I hope these tips help you and yours through the chilly and warm seasons. These are the steps I take for my son and our family. If this is informative please share with your loved ones, and your social platforms. Parents helping parents is a powerful networking tool!

With Respect & Gratitude, Soul to Soul.
T. Raven Meyers


How To Stop a Nose Bleed