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Fight the fluParents, it’s nearly the end of the winter season. As a family of four, we nearly made it into spring without being kicked down by the ugly bug. Then last week it plagued our small town and sacred home.

As a midwife I learned very early on not to touch my eyes, nose or mouth, any part of me with a mucous membrane, knowing that is how sickness enters the body. We wash, we sanitize, we disinfect, but we are still surrounded by germs and viruses, and eventually the Mr. Yuck find a way in.

We made it through several disturbing and hairy flu outbreaks this year but my youngest recently became hostage to this nasty flu and I alongside him!

We continued to pass it between us, because I refused to stay away. You know as parents how hopeless you feel when your little ones are suffering with high fevers, and chest colds. And also know that we tend to stay ill when we are up with our children caring to their needs.  My oldest boy and husband survived this season, and Ayden and I recovered quickly.

However, I wanted to share a bit of our rituals, and medicine arsenal. We practice a more Eastern approach to wellness, and use it daily in our lifestyle. When we are living in Thailand we are not ill with the flu or even the common cold, it’s only when we are living in the Pacific Northwest when we fall sick to the cold, wet and moldy environments.  Our immunity weakened by tree and grass pollens, and other lovely invaders of Oregon living.  Fortunately, we have found sanctuary in our Chinese medicine doctor Darby Valley, he has healed my youngest son’s asthma and lung infections through herbs and acupuncture! A victory!

This is the way I protect my family, and perhaps it may support yours as well.  We do fall ill, but there are ways to boost your immunity daily, and ways to kick it faster with remedies and practices to enhance your overall wellness.  In the midst of your daily madness, find time to stick to a wellness routine for your whole family! And especially for you mama and papas!

My Daily Ritual of Wellness (Links Included for your inquiry)

We all have rituals, some even silly ones! I’ve had ten years of practice with my children, and this is the path of wellness that supports my family. (Please share yours on my FB page! Or comment below!)

  • Morning Meditation/Gratitude & Mindful Speech Prayers. This is a way for me and the boys to be in command of our own speech, our hearts and how language affects others. A non-violent communication practice.
  • Honey Water (2-3x) a day, I like it hot, and serve it warm to the boys (Local Honey Only)
  • Children’s Multivitamin: Rainbow Light Nutri Stars (gluten/dairy free) CLICK HERE
  • Women’s & Men’s Multivitamin: Rainbow Light Men’s ONE, and Women’s ONE. Men’s CLICK HERE Women’s CLICK HERE
  • Extra Vitamin C & D: *I feel the multi-vitamin doses are too low, this is my personal choice. Please check with your health professional for dosages. I personally do 10K of D, and 2k of C when I’m ill and during flu season. Vitamin D CLICK HERE Vitamin C Powder CLICK HERE I like powder to mix into our water, smoothies and drinks.
  • Vital Earth Minerals! 1-2 ounces a day for adults, .5 for kids, again ask your health professionals. These minerals boost the immune system and enhance recovery as well as inflammation. I have seen miracles within my own body, and sleep better too!  CLICK HERE
  • Optimum Probiotics: Deep Immune System Support: My favorite probiotic, keeps our guts clean, and our bodies regular… it’s the truth! CLICK HERE 
  • The Mighty Essential Oils: Thieves Oil (kills gems)  CLICK HERE Do Terra ‘ON GUARD’ oil CLICK HERE and Art Naturals Diffuser CLICK HERE
  • Bone Soup: We have several variations throughout the week. My boys and hubby eat everything, but I don’t eat beef. So I’ll make a rich bone soup with chicken/pork bones with ginger root, turmeric root and garlic. That is the base to the Thai and Asian inspire soups we eat throughout the week. Remember to roast the bones first! We use Asian flavors, go crazy with it and drink it often in a cup or in your daily cooking. Recipe CLICK HERE
  • Green Smoothies: This is self-explanatory for most, and green smoothies are a hit in our home, I also add a teaspoon of Amazing Grass Superfood CLICK HERE
  • Snuggle Zone: Every night, 45 min or so before bed, we have snuggle, cuddle and sharing time with our boys. This is a time where the boys get one on one time with us. We make the beds full of blankets, plush toys and warmth, and hold our boy close to our chest. First in silence heart to heart for 20-30 seconds to really get that oxytocin pumping. Oxytocin is the ‘Bliss/Love’ hormone that is extracted in childbirth, bonding and acts of compassion or love. A hormone that creates a sense of wellness, safety and self-esteem. In this moment is a chance to calm them, and connect. We then tell them how much they mean to us, how what they did that day was special, and how much we missed them. Then they share their story, or a silly joke or something they need to work through emotionally. I takes effort to create this sacred time, we all have crazy schedules, but this is a ritual I won’t remove from the Meyers family of four. I look forward to it every night. Sometimes we cry, mostly we giggle, but for the most part our hearts grow brighter.
  • My goodnight ritual: Something I have done since they were in-utero, was sing to them. And even now I sing my nightly song, and do a nights healing. I tuck them in, sing my song, and do a healing hands ceremony closing with a spiritual prayer of protection and wellness. These little things mean so much, so much that my husband plays a recording of me when I am unable to sing. So much, that if I don’t call from a business trip, there are deep tears. My boys are 8 and 10, and I’m grateful they still need it. After checking them for the 20th time, I head to bed feeling that I’ve accomplished something, created ritual of meaning, and gratitude fills my heart.

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As a parent and consumer I’m grateful when others do the research and lead me to the information, that is why I’ve attached the links for your review! Get educated, and research the products. For many of you, you will have these items in your local health store, for me as a traveler, I find it easiest to buy online.

Throughout the month our energy changes, we have low moments, and high moments. As an entrepreneur and work from home mom, I find that I over commit and put my own needs at the end of the to-do list.  Creating a daily routine becomes a sacred ritual, and in return I honor myself within that process.

Remembering to find the silence within the madness brings me peace.  Remembering to visit my acupuncturist and take a daily walk, connects me to me.

Find a method to the madness, bring ease into the dis-ease, and heal your soul first! As mama’s and papa’s we need to be strong for our beloveds.  It’s a journey of self-love to be a parent, because we reflect back that wellness and greatness to our children and our community.

Be well in body, mind and soul!!!