Human Rights Day. Give For The Sake of Giving

Human Rights Day. Give For The Sake of Giving

This is a day of awareness, and of doing.  Yes it’s one day to honor human rights, and the awareness of human suffering that continues. As an American I’m able to exercise these free rights daily, every moment, within the comforts of my home, and country. This differs when I serve overseas between countries and cultures. 

But Still…there is a deep suffering, that affect not only the physical and emotional, but the spiritual, the soul.  

In 1948, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

There are millions of displaced and oppressed refugees and individuals seeking freedom, and asylum in this very moment. I ask that you get involved. That you do more than just pray for the freedom and rights of all women, children and humankind. I ask that you give for the sake of giving, donate, volunteer your expertise, your heart, your soul, your mind…

As a global volunteer, I felt in the beginning I had to be trained in a specific field, but later I learned that a compassionate heart and strong mind moves mountains. 

You don’t have to be rich to be a philanthropist, you can give in many ways. You don’t need to be a soldier, doctor, nurse or midwife to be of service around the world.  You can create local giving communities to bring awareness through supporting foundations and causes to spread knowledge around the human rights crisis we are fighting globally today.

Use your heart to tell your story. Use social media, and your personal community to spread the word,.. Reach deep within to gather goods, funds, and information to heal and support others so they too can rise.

Many of us are aware of what is happening in Tibet, the death, the dying the abuse, our own beloved teacher, His Holiness the Dalai Lama fleeing Tibet for his safety and the safety of his people.

There are endless examples I can share, and many of you are attuned to the media, to what is happening around us. Keep it real, do more than just WATCH. Get involved. We have just witnessed how STANDING together brings more that awareness, it builds solidarity like with Standing Rock. In the case of Standing Rock, it was a movement led by the soul,.. let’s keep moving forward and fighting the fight with heart. We have seen, that it CAN BE DONE

The most memorable experience I had during the Thai tsunami aftermath, was the selfless nomads, travelers, and gypsies that pitched in when they had nothing to give but their strong hands and hearts. Love is the best medicine. The volunteers ran in when the waves ran out. Endless service, endless compassion, and big lessons of the heart happened within my service with the Thai Red Cross. A journey that planted a seed for my future, my life as a midwife, philanthropist and global volunteer. 

human rights day 2016This year’s Human Right’s Day campaign is titled “Stand up for someone’s rights today!” calling on people around the world to take a stand for others who are oppressed by their societies or regimes, or have in some way had their rights taken from them.

So let’s stand up now, for someone’s rights today, and every day. Remember how it felt, and continues to feel to have the safety of another fighting for you. Love is medicine so fight with heart, fight with soul, and we will win this!

Foundations & Causes To Give To & Support: 

UN Refugee Agency CLICK HERE

International Rescue Committee  CLICK HERE

Educate Yourself & Others

Here are a few ways you can stand up for rights:

  1. Inform yourself and others about why human rights matter
    • Read and share the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
    • Record the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in your native language and contribute to a collection of audio recordings to make the document more accessible.
    • Make and disseminate a video of yourself with a friend talking about why you believe human rights matter (e.g. non-discrimination, gender equality or freedom of expression).
    • Promote stories on your social media about people that you know have stood up for rights.
  2. Speak out/up when another’s rights are at risk or under attack
    • If you see someone being harassed, bullied or ridiculed on the street, on public transportation, while shopping or at school, stand with them.
    • Use social media to stand with people who are facing reprisals for defending human rights e.g. activists, indigenous leaders, environmentalists, lawyers, trade unionists, journalists, etc.
    • At work, in school, around the dinner table, help someone whose voice is rarely heard to share their views.
  3. Stand with others’ human rights
    • Donate to organizations that support victims of human rights abuses.
    • Join public events in support of human rights – online and/or in the street.
    • Volunteer with a group that promotes human rights defenders.
  4. Call on leaders to uphold human rights
    • Lobby your government to uphold rights: sign related petitions; lobby your legislators to pass human-rights friendly laws and to repeal unfriendly ones.
    • Urge your employer to sign up to the UN Global Compact and adhere to the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights; promote celebration of human rights in the work place (e.g. non discrimination, family friendly policies, decent working conditions, equal pay for equal work).
    • Urge your community’s leaders (e.g. religious, local, sporting, cultural leaders) to make public commitments to human rights.
  5. In everyday life action
    • Combat myths with facts: in online and daily conversations, challenge harmful stereotypes.
    • Speak up for tolerance and against prejudice. Keep yourself in check, challenge your own views and prejudices.
    • Consider the human rights track record of companies before doing your shopping.
    • Talk to your children about human rights and point out positive and diverse role models.

Be mindful in your daily living. Remember that you are powerful, you too can help others rise to thrive in every area of their lives, be it in your own community, your family and the world. Use your heart, spirit and mind to heal the world. It’s your right as a human being to protect all… 

With gratitude, Soul 2 Soul @travenmeyers

T Raven Meyers